Valslide Ab Crush

Do you want to look better naked? Would you like flat sexy abs? If you are like most of us (myself included) the answer to both these questions is yes. In magazine speak, “flat sexy abs” refers to the absence of extra body fat and excellent muscle tone.  It does not mean super skinny, super


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  • Valslide Green, Black, or Pink

    The Valslide Movement has become a global phenomenon.

    See description below for more information. 🙂

    Booties sold separately.

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  • Total Valgym

    Upgrade your training arsenal with The Total Valgym.  This fitness kit is my ‘secret weapon’ for full body workouts that will reshape, sculpt and tone your body.

    The Total Valgym includes: Valslides, a Valband, 2 Valband Deluxes and the Valslide instruction Booklet.

    All you gotta do is choose your color!

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  • Replacement Valslides

    Just Valslides. No bag. No booklet.

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  • Red Carpet Ready ‘Spring Break’ Bootcamp

    Red Carpet Ready is about feeling your best self, how you define it. It doesn’t need a dress size. If you can walk to your closet and throw on jeans and a t-shirt and feel good, that is Red Carpet Ready.

    LEARN MORE $399.00

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