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  • valslide-master-trainer

    Valslide Total Immersion Workshop

    The Valslide Total Immersion Workshop is a two-hour interactive course designed to deliver powerful training methods with the most functional and dynamic product in the industry.

    You will leave the workshop with dozens of unique, new exercises and the specific circuits that I use with my celebrity clients.

    Friday, Sept. 19th from 11am – 1pm.












  • valslide-essentials-kit-product-shot-Recovered

    Valslide Essentials Kit

    The Valslide Essentials: Total Package includes everything you need to get your best body ever, starting right now!

    With your purchase, you’ll get a pair of Valslides with booties (for use on hardwood floors), and the Valslide Essentials DVD!

  • green-valslide-product

    Valslide: Classic Green

    The Valslide Movement has become a global phenomenon.

    Celebrities, professional athletes, yoga moms, weekend warriors, Crossfitters, women who want to “tone up,” and guys who want to get ripped – are all using the Valslide to get MORE out of their workouts.

    With a infinite supply of powerful exercises, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for YOUR body and YOUR level of fitness.

    You will…

    Burn MORE calories.

    Lose MORE fat.

    Build MORE muscle.

    Gain MORE strength. (and confidence!).


  • Ninja Black Valslide

    Valslide: Ninja Black

    The Limited Edition Ninja Black Valslides have arrived!

    Why “Ninja' Black?

    Because Ninja's are badass.

    See description below for more information. :-)

    Booties sold separately.


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