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  1. Dangerous Curves Ahead

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    In today’s video, my friend, actor and fitness model Andy McDermott, demonstrates how to load the Valslide Reverse Lunge
    to build a ridiculously strong, powerful and fantastic looking butt.

    While he’s using a Kettlebell in the video, you can also use a dumbbell, sandbag or other weighted implement with the same technique.

    Watch the video to see it in action…

    Here are the things to focus on:

    The weight should be held on the same side as the foot that’s on the Valslide. (the “NON-working” leg.)

    I put “non-working” in quotes, because while it’s not the primary workhouse, it’s still doing work by creating stability, balance and other goodness.

    From the top/starting position – stand up tall. Butt squeezed tight. Trunk braced. The working foot is “screwed” into the floor with the weight distributed evenly and a neutral arch maintained.

    Initiate the movement with the hips by sitting back into the glutes and hamstrings of the working leg.  Keep the weight distributed evenly across the foot.

    The sliding foot should be kept as “light” as possible and think about it just going along for the ride.  It shouldn’t do much actual work in terms of moving the body through space.  It’s just lightly sliding along allowing the other leg and the rest of the body to work it’s magic.

    If you’re able to do this in front of a mirror – great – you can use it to keep your hips level.

    A common fault is allowing the hip of the sliding leg to drop, which will allow that knee to get closer to the ground sooner and make the exercise feel easier.

    No good.

    Keep the hips level.

    Slide as far back as your range of motion allows while keeping an upright trunk and a braced spine.

    To return to the starting position… continue screwing the working foot into the floor, stay braced, squeeze the butt and using the non-sliding foot, hip and leg, “pull” yourself back up to the starting position.  Exaggerate the butt squeeze as you near the top.

    Here are a couple of other awesome ways to load the Valslide Reverse Lunge:

    The only difference is the way the load is supported…  all of the same movement and stability principles apply.

    Ben Bruno’s Amazing Trap-bar/Dead-Squat Bar Variety:

    You can also do them with a bar on your back.

  2. One-leg Sliding Pushup Reach

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    This is crazy.  Ben Bruno is an animal!  Give this a shot and let us know how it goes!

    This is a progression of stationary sliding pushup reaches where both feet are in contact with the floor. Switching to one leg decreases the base of support and increases the rotary stability demands quite a bit.

    In the past I’ve increased the difficult of sliding pushup reaches by adding a weight vest or just doing a ton of reps, but I started noticing that both of those methods increased the difficulty more so for the shoulders rather than the core, and since I do this one primarily as a “core” exercise, that wasn’t working as well for what I’m looking to do. Plus, I like to do my core work at the end of an upper body workout, and it was hard to do that when my shoulders were tired.

    Switching to one leg increases the core demands without increases the upper body demands, making it a better option for my goals.

    You can do all the reps on one side and then switch to the other side or do them in alternating fashion like I’m doing in the video.

    Also, if they’re too hard from pushup position, you can actually do the same exercise on your knees and it’s still pretty darn good.