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Valslide Meets Renegade, Part 2: A Fun, Beachy End of Summer Workout

Superstar fitness coach Jen Ferruggia is back with part 2 of the Valslide Meets Renegade Series.

This time, with a super fun, down ‘n dirty, beachy workut you can do anywhere.

jason ferruggia

If you don’t know Jen, she is married to one of THE rockstars of the fitness industry, Jason Ferruggia.

Jen is super fit and an advanced Valslide user. In this video, we take you through a fullbody workout you can do anywhere. 🙂

A Fun Beachy, Valslide Travel Workout

Valslide Reverse Lunge (VSRL) 25 each side
Valslide Atomic Pushup 10 reps
Valslide Side Lunge 20 each side
Valslide Bodysaw 10 reps
Valslide Leg Curl 10 reps

You can see some of the excellent work Jen and Jason do at Renegade over at

One of my favorite diets and a program I was very influenced by is their Renegade Diet… it’s unlike many of the diet plans out there – and like everything Jason does, it’s honest, it’s real and it’s wildly EFFECTIVE.  I highly recommend it.

The “Valeo Diet” from my Hot in a Hurry plan was partly inspired by The Renegade Diet.


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