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Get Hot in a Hurry

This is the basic Hot in a Hurry package and includes everything you need to get amazing results in 10 days. The workouts, the diet, the coaching videos and access to the HottieHQ. Please note, this program is 100% digital… nothing will be shipped, unless you order equipment below.

You will need the following for Hot in a Hurry

Valslides, a Valband (small stretchy band) & Two Valband Deluxes (bands with handles) – if you’ve been a part of the Valslide scene for a while, you probably have it. And the Super Valbands are new to my arsenal. You need 2.

And if you really want to get wild and crazy…

Those are my hottie-ologist glasses if you couldn’t tell. ¬†Click the picture for a close-up of what a Hottie Hotseat looks like.