Back | Name The New Black Valslide. Win Awesome Stuff.

First, there was Classic Green.

Then came Hottie Pink

And now, from the top-secret underground laboratory of celebrity trainer Valerie Waters comes the next incarnation of the Valslide…

There’s just one little detail that needs to be finalized before they’re unleashed upon the world:

The name.

Green is “Classic Green” for obvious reasons – it was first.

Pink is “Hottie Pink” because those who use them are (or soon will be) hotties. Science. Easy.

What should black be?

Let us know in the comments of this post.

The first to post the one we end up using gets a jump-start on everyone else and will receive a pair of Black Valslides…

And because you’re going to want to step up your shower game to match your new level of badassery, you’ll also get a bar of Fight Club soap…

It’s made with electrolytes, caffeine (seriously) and punching.

Plus it looks cool.

And let’s not forget the all-important bragging rights (and FB Likes!)

(guys – just imagine, walking up to one of the lovely ladies at the gym and being like “hey girl. you know I named this thing, right?” Done deal.)

Happy Memorial Day, friends.

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