I Want My Bikini Body: Express


Want to be the “Cutie with the Bootie”? I Want My Bikini Body Express contains a 21 day fitness and nutrition program that is 100% digital.  You will receive a link via email which will contain all the program components.

Equipment Needed for this Program:

Valband Deluxe

*Equipment sold separately

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Product Description

With your purchase of I Want My Bikini Body Express, you get immediate access to...

The Infamous Sweat, Sculpt & Polish" Workouts

My propietary Sweat, Sculpt & Polish Circuits have been used to shape some of the world's most beautiful bikini bodies. In Bikini Body Express, you'll sweat, sculpt and polish your way to your best body ever with 3 very special workouts, inspired by 3 very special Bikini Beaches: Malibu, Miami & Ibiza.

Bikini Body Cardio

These are the specially formulated cardio workouts I use with my celeb clients to burn the maximum amount of fat in the shortest possible time.

Bikini Body Eats

No thinking necessary. I'll tell you exactly what, when and how much to eat to get the maximum results out of your 21 days. We don't have time to mess around here. :-)

You also get these amazing bonuses for trying the program

Accelerator Foods

These are the staple foods I include in my clients diet when they need to get Bikini ready in a hurry.

The Fast-5 Sessions

The Fast-5 Sessions are available to you for days when you find yourself short on time. Super-quick and uber-powerful, consider them your contingency plan.

Check out the beautiful Poppy Montgomery's results with BBX!


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