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Red Carpet Ready is about feeling your best self, how you define it. It doesn’t need a dress size. If you can walk to your closet and throw on jeans and t-shirt and feel good, that is Red Carpet Ready.


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What does it mean to be RED CARPET READY?

Red Carpet Ready is about feeling your best self, how ever you define it. It’s not your dress size and it’s not the weight on the scale. If you can walk to your closet and throw on jeans and t-shirt and feel good in them, that is Red Carpet Ready. If you can go to a party and not stress about how you feel in your body, that is Red Carpet Ready.

Red Carpet Ready is a way of life and I’m here to show you the way.  You will learn to make peace with your body and start loving your workouts. 

My motto is “You are one workout away from a good mood!” and you will come to believe it. My workouts will change the shape of your body and my program will change how you feel about your body.

What is the Read Carpet Ready Bootcamp?

The Red Carpet Ready Bootcamp is a four week, online bootcamp for women wanting to get in the best shape of their lives and have fun doing it! It is designed to help you lose weight, get toned, drop your struggle around food and reboot your body and soul.

It is also your chance to be coached by me, Valerie Waters, Celebrity Trainer and Transformation expert.

For 30 days, we are going commit to eating clean and exercising consistently so those habits grow stronger. I have 20 years experience transforming bodies in 4 weeks or less.   It has worked for hundreds of others and it will work for you too. I believe in you.

And the good news is, you don’t have to live in LA to have access to a top celebrity trainer!

What you get:

  • 5 Live Chats with Val! September 11th, September 18th, September 25th, October 9th, & October 16th. All at 6pm PST. This is your chance to get answers to your questions so we can fine tune your program.
  • 6 brand new “Action Hero Babe” workouts.
  • A private forum: coaching, accountability and support will be available through a private Facebook group.
  • An option to  post pictures, measurements and your daily food journal for review.
  • Valerie’s diet guidelines used by her celebrity clients and thousands of women online.
  • Daily conversation and support from Valerie and like minded woman within the private Facebook group.

Equipment needed for most of the workouts:

What people are saying:

“It has been a fantastic life changing group!! Definitely definitely join come February! Was just the type of support and commitment I needed to get myself focused and positive again (in health and in life!!). Valerie is of course, so incredible and involved and passionate and supportive. It’s so so so worth it!!” ~ Mare Virginia

“Valerie Waters I just want to thank you for creating this coaching group. I feel so blessed to be a part of it and it truly is changing lives and bodies! It makes me so happy each day to do the workouts, check-in with everyone and it gives me hope that positive changes can happen. Your workouts are amazing and your chats are inspiring and so informative. Thank you! Love ya lots!!” ~ Jennifer Huettig Hardy

“It really is such a wonderful experience to be a part of the coaching group. Valerie is the kindest, most supportive trainer. She will never make you feel badly about where you are physically, or what your diet is like. She will just offer suggestions, encouragement, and ways to improve. As she once told me (as I was submitting my embarrassingly junk-food filled food journal) “you may judge, but I don’t”. So true! We are far worse on ourselves. My favorite part of the coaching are the video chats. It’s so fun to be able to interact with the other girls and Val “live” on camera. I always leave the chats completely energized!” ~ Joy Piper

 I just wanted to say how grateful I am for this bootcamp. Really. I feel like SO much has changed for me this month. I could go on and on. So many habits formed and I know now that I really can be consistent. I can actually live RCR and I never really knew I could until now. First of all, I never ever used to exercise in the mornings. Now, I really do love starting my morning off with a workout (especially an RCR one!). I’m also halfway through my 30 workouts in 6 weeks challenge! I love cooking now. I love eating what I cook (this is big, haha), and I truly appreciate how different I feel when I am eating healthily vs. eating junk. Don’t get me wrong, I still get cravings. However, I know I’m capable of living RCR consistently and turning down what looks good in the moment for what will make me feel good later. I also know that I’m capable of picking myself up if I fall down. Fall 8, get up 9 right?! I just feel so encouraged and so so very grateful to everyone in this bootcamp. I tried SO many times to keep up these kinds of good habits, but I haven’t made it a full month without binging in years. I’ve definitely not been at my current weight in years. And it’s thanks to Valerie and the amazing RCR girls! Val, you’re wonderful and I’m so so grateful for you. You go above and beyond what any trainer does and you are SO good at what you do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!~Erica Lee

“Valerie is a one of kind dynamo!  Her workouts are creative, engaging, and fun! She puts so much thought and fresh ideas into each one of her bootcamps – between the engaging posts, coaching calls, and fresh workouts you always learn something new.  Her intuitive nature allows her to tap into the group and create workouts that target just the areas you need help in.  Valerie is a breath of fresh air. She tells you it like it is, and always helps you find the win!  She is down to earth, accessible, and a super hero coach all in one.  You will love how she transforms your body, mind, and spirit!  Her bootcamps are not to be missed.”
Valerie, you are amazing. You are an earth angel and I feel blessed that I have been able to be a part of your bootcamps. ~Irena Miller

“This past boot camp jump started a new focus for me – eating clean and focusing life on myself.
Your knowledge, input, energy and advice are so vital to encouraging the forward motion of my path now.
“If not now, when?” really resonated with me. Spot on!

“Valerie’s weekly guidance and feedback are invaluable. Listening to her share her stories and knowledge are vital to the whole process. It makes the whole boot camp work.  Eating clean and working out AND getting Val’s input, guidance and support that makes it whole. Val, you encourage and never waiver even if we’re in a rut or discouraged. You’re always real and share and relate to us on a personal level. Your understanding under any circumstance is pure and you always have great wisdom to push us when needed.
The workouts are always challenging and make you work!   Eating clean has become a way of life instead of a moderation thought set.
Yes, I can break up with something – chips, ice cream, french fries, pizza, way too much sushi. Val, you gave me the tools to understand that thought process – you shared your own experiences. It’s not only me, it’s hard for everyone but recognizing the reasoning behind what’s going on is the key to stopping it! Thank you!!! ~Danielle King

The support from the other RCR gals was incredible – great cheerleaders and proud supporters. They never wavered in their support or encouragement. Having a group of women with strong intent was especially important staying on track. We traveled a path together – with Val our invaluable leader!
I am blessed to have participated in another boot camp lead by you! ~Danielle King

Two things get me out of bed – coffee and Valerie Waters.  My “sunrise sister” and I have started pretty much every day together for the last 15 years, and even after all this time, she’s the boss and I do exactly as she says.  There is no better coach and there is no better workout. I find girlfriend time is the most regenerative thing, and with Val I not only get an amazing workout, but a restorative chat along the way.   Her motto is:   “I’m one workout away from a good mood!”    With a mantra like that,there’s no other way I’d welcome the day!         ~Jennifer Garner


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