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  1. Valslide Ab Crush

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    Do you want to look better naked?

    Would you like flat sexy abs?

    If you are like most of us (myself included) the answer to both these questions is yes.

    In magazine speak, “flat sexy abs” refers to the absence of extra body fat and excellent muscle tone.  It does not mean super skinny, super ripped or hardcore 6 packs.  It is the preferred look for my celebrity clientele, male and female and completely attainable for you.

    Of course, what the magazine covers aren’t saying is that training your “core” or abs, when done correctly also protects your spine, improves your posture and builds confidence because, well, you look hot!

    To get flats abs, you will have to strip off that excess body fat.  This is a huge subject by itself – but for now, for at least 2 weeks, eliminate all fast food, alcohol, white flour and added sugar.

    Eat the best quality food you can afford.

    And if you are serious – for goodness sakes, keep a food journal!

    You won’t need me to spot your slip ups.  It will be there in writing for you to see.

    The sexy part of the abs comes with the right amount of muscle.  The best and fastest way to do specific ab training is with a Valslide plank circuit.

    My friend, actor, model and fitness enthusiast, Andy McDermott stopped by the Valslide HQ to demonstrate the Valslide Ab Crush Workout.

    Prepare to get crushed!

    Valslide Ab Crush

    Valslide Bodysaw: 15

    Valslide Windshield Wiper: 10 each leg

    Valslide Opposites:   8 each side

    Valslide Side Opposites:   8 each side

  2. Valslide Anti-Rotational Reverse Lunge

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    Valslide Anti-Rotational Reverse Lunge

    with Andy McDermott!

    With a little twist – rather, an anti-twist, you add a whole new dimension to an already amazing exercise.  You get some serious bang for your buck with the Valslide Anti-rotational Reverse Lunge…

    The abs aren’t just the things you do crunches with and wish were flatter, or more ripped.

    One of their primary roles is that of protector…  they do this by resisting or preventing movement.  They’re what keep you standing up.  And safe.  And strong. And yes… so sexy! 🙂

    That prevention of movement function is why exercises like the Plank and Valslide Bodysaw are awesome.

    The idea is that you make NOT-moving more difficult.

    So in a plank, you remain stiff for the duration of the set.

    With the Valslide Bodysaw, your trunk remains stiff just like a plank – but you increase the challenge by creating a little movement at the shoulder.

    But – that’s not all, kids!

    The abs are also major players in the prevention of movement across other planes – like rotation.

    The Valslide Anti-rotational Reverse Lunge is one of the best ways to train this function because you’re also incorporating an off-set, one-leg stance – creating an even greater challenge for your abs.

    All you need are your Valslides and an appropriate strength Valband Deluxe.

    Andy is using the Ninjas in the video.

    Here’s how yo do it!

    Attach an appropriate strength Valband Deluxe to a sturdy object or have a training partner hold it.

    Clasp the handle with both hands, extend arms straight in front of you and create tension on the band by moving away from object.

    With one foot on a Valslide, slide back into a reverse, allowing front leg to bend at ninety degrees.

    Return to standing position by pushing up through the stationary (front) leg.

    Do 8-12 reps and then switch feet and move band to your other side or turn around.

    The key is to keep your arms straight and to not allow the band to pull you off balance or collapse to one side.

    Want to learn more about Andy?

    Here’s his bio and also visit andymcdermottfitness.com:

    After graduating from Northwestern, Andy avoided a “real job” by playing professional soccer for 7 years. He taught martial arts and earned a Third Degree Black Belt. He served as a cop on the Tactical Response Unit for 7 years. He has written articles for Muscle and Fitness, created video series for Men’s Fitness and GNC, and won the Gold Medal in the Toughest Competitor Alive event at the 2012 U.S. Police and Fire Championships.  He is now in LA as a full-time Actor, Host, and Model.  Andy has lived a lot of lives, but this last jump from “being SWAT” to “acting SWAT” is the dream job he’s always wanted, if he can only chase it down…