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  1. Did you know?

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    Hey it’s Val,

    With the next Valslide Master Trainer Workshop rapidly approaching (June 7 in beautiful Santa Monica, California) and the recent onslaught of press, I have been getting a ton of interview requests about the Valslide

    Of course they always love to ask about my celeb clients… but there’s a lot of interesting little facts about the Valslide you may not know. Here are 10.

     Did you know…

    #1. Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel and Rachel Nichols were my first clients I tested the Valslide on.


    They had each been training with me for a while, and they are natural beauties, so obviously they were already in good shape… 

    But the Valslide effect was obvious right from the beginning.

    Not only did they start to feel it immediately but I could tell in a few workouts that I was on to something.

    Plus, Valslide is fun fun fun!

    #2 Valslides are made with love in California. 

    Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 3.38.43 PM

    Each pair of Valslides comes from a small manufacturing plant in San Diego. I love that I am able to go visit Axel, the owner, whenever I feel the need to tweak the formula or color.

    There is often much discussion about our secret formula for the slipperiness or the next color we want to offer.

    I know it’s popular for companies to take their business to China for cheaper labor and materials but I am proud of the fact that our business is here in the US.

    I was born in California, as was the Valslide and we strive to bring a little Cali magic to your workouts. Each pair is shipped with love and sunshine.

    cropped#3 The Valslide® was originally gray. 

    There are still some of those original gray ones floating around, but now Valslide comes in Classic Green, Ninja Black and Hottie Pink.  Which is your favorite color?

    #4 Fitness pros love the Valslide.  

    I make it a point to attend workshops and seminars each year as well as seeking out the best pros in the business for some one on one time.

    I am lucky to call many of the best, my friends.

    The first 3 elite coaches that I showed the Valslide to were, Michael Boyle, Mark Verstegen and Alwyn Cosgrove. If you don’t know who these guys are and you are in the fitness business, you want to make it a point to get on their email lists and start reading or watching everything they offer.

    I thought I had something special with the Valslide. With their validation, I knew I did.

    I remember showing it to Mark Verstegen, president/founder of Athletes Performance.  All I had to do was pull it out of my bag, throw it on the ground and he knew immediately Valslide was something special.

    #5 Access Hollywood was the first TV show to let me demonstrate the Valslide. 

    That day back in January 2008, was a very, very good day.

    I remember turning on my computer as the segment was airing on the east coast. I literally refreshed my browser about 10 times and it was just all Valslide sales. Then it calmed down until it hit central time and when it aired in LA, it was like Christmas morning, my birthday and New Year’s Eve all at once.  It was a very very good day for Valslide. 

    #6 I didn’t set out to name a product after myself. 

    I actually tried a bunch of other names but they either were taken or didn’t make sense. Names like the Pocket Slide, Slippery Slide and Super Slide.

    Now it seems like it could only be Valslide. My name is Valerie, I was always called Valerie, now most people call me Val and I like it. 🙂

    #7 Jennifer Garner demonstrated the Valslide Reverse Lunge and the Valslide 1 arm slide in 5 inch Loubitans and a pencil skirt on the Ellen Degeneres show. 

    She couldn’t have been cuter or more generous.

    That was another very good day.

    #8 The Valslide is universally recognized for killer butt and abs moves.

    Michael Boyle has said if you only do one move, make it a Valslide Reverse Lunge. But, butt (he he) and abs aren’t all it’s good for. Consider the Valslide Push-up Fly. This awesome chest exercise was featured in Men’s Fitness magazine and is super popular with even the most beastly of men.

    #9 A paper plate is not a Valslide®. 

    #10 The first Valslide Master Trainer Workshop was October 5th, 2013.  


    The next Valslide Master Trainer Workshop is coming  June 7th, 2014.  Be one of a small group of fitness professionals that have earned the title, Valslide Master Trainer.

    The movement is already under way.  Come join the party.

    Love and Lunges,



  2. Dangerous Curves Ahead

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    In today’s video, my friend, actor and fitness model Andy McDermott, demonstrates how to load the Valslide Reverse Lunge
    to build a ridiculously strong, powerful and fantastic looking butt.

    While he’s using a Kettlebell in the video, you can also use a dumbbell, sandbag or other weighted implement with the same technique.

    Watch the video to see it in action…

    Here are the things to focus on:

    The weight should be held on the same side as the foot that’s on the Valslide. (the “NON-working” leg.)

    I put “non-working” in quotes, because while it’s not the primary workhouse, it’s still doing work by creating stability, balance and other goodness.

    From the top/starting position – stand up tall. Butt squeezed tight. Trunk braced. The working foot is “screwed” into the floor with the weight distributed evenly and a neutral arch maintained.

    Initiate the movement with the hips by sitting back into the glutes and hamstrings of the working leg.  Keep the weight distributed evenly across the foot.

    The sliding foot should be kept as “light” as possible and think about it just going along for the ride.  It shouldn’t do much actual work in terms of moving the body through space.  It’s just lightly sliding along allowing the other leg and the rest of the body to work it’s magic.

    If you’re able to do this in front of a mirror – great – you can use it to keep your hips level.

    A common fault is allowing the hip of the sliding leg to drop, which will allow that knee to get closer to the ground sooner and make the exercise feel easier.

    No good.

    Keep the hips level.

    Slide as far back as your range of motion allows while keeping an upright trunk and a braced spine.

    To return to the starting position… continue screwing the working foot into the floor, stay braced, squeeze the butt and using the non-sliding foot, hip and leg, “pull” yourself back up to the starting position.  Exaggerate the butt squeeze as you near the top.

    Here are a couple of other awesome ways to load the Valslide Reverse Lunge:

    The only difference is the way the load is supported…  all of the same movement and stability principles apply.

    Ben Bruno’s Amazing Trap-bar/Dead-Squat Bar Variety:

    You can also do them with a bar on your back.

  3. Valslide Anti-Rotational Reverse Lunge

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    Valslide Anti-Rotational Reverse Lunge

    with Andy McDermott!

    With a little twist – rather, an anti-twist, you add a whole new dimension to an already amazing exercise.  You get some serious bang for your buck with the Valslide Anti-rotational Reverse Lunge…

    The abs aren’t just the things you do crunches with and wish were flatter, or more ripped.

    One of their primary roles is that of protector…  they do this by resisting or preventing movement.  They’re what keep you standing up.  And safe.  And strong. And yes… so sexy! 🙂

    That prevention of movement function is why exercises like the Plank and Valslide Bodysaw are awesome.

    The idea is that you make NOT-moving more difficult.

    So in a plank, you remain stiff for the duration of the set.

    With the Valslide Bodysaw, your trunk remains stiff just like a plank – but you increase the challenge by creating a little movement at the shoulder.

    But – that’s not all, kids!

    The abs are also major players in the prevention of movement across other planes – like rotation.

    The Valslide Anti-rotational Reverse Lunge is one of the best ways to train this function because you’re also incorporating an off-set, one-leg stance – creating an even greater challenge for your abs.

    All you need are your Valslides and an appropriate strength Valband Deluxe.

    Andy is using the Ninjas in the video.

    Here’s how yo do it!

    Attach an appropriate strength Valband Deluxe to a sturdy object or have a training partner hold it.

    Clasp the handle with both hands, extend arms straight in front of you and create tension on the band by moving away from object.

    With one foot on a Valslide, slide back into a reverse, allowing front leg to bend at ninety degrees.

    Return to standing position by pushing up through the stationary (front) leg.

    Do 8-12 reps and then switch feet and move band to your other side or turn around.

    The key is to keep your arms straight and to not allow the band to pull you off balance or collapse to one side.

    Want to learn more about Andy?

    Here’s his bio and also visit andymcdermottfitness.com:

    After graduating from Northwestern, Andy avoided a “real job” by playing professional soccer for 7 years. He taught martial arts and earned a Third Degree Black Belt. He served as a cop on the Tactical Response Unit for 7 years. He has written articles for Muscle and Fitness, created video series for Men’s Fitness and GNC, and won the Gold Medal in the Toughest Competitor Alive event at the 2012 U.S. Police and Fire Championships.  He is now in LA as a full-time Actor, Host, and Model.  Andy has lived a lot of lives, but this last jump from “being SWAT” to “acting SWAT” is the dream job he’s always wanted, if he can only chase it down…