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The Valslide was recently featured by Women’s Health in their “Stay Fit While You Travel” segment on The Today Show…  which planted the seed for me to create The Hotel Room Gladiator Workout.

This short and sweet workout is a powerhouse and a perfect demonstration of what makes the Valslide such an effective tool… the variety and room for creativity it adds to your workout is mind-boggling… and you can do all of this in a very small space.

This workout contains a nice booty-frying circuit to get moving and goes directly into The Bum Smile Series…. a sequence of exercises targeting the hips and butt… especially the area where the glutes ties into the hamstrings  Adding a reach and slight forward lean to the Valslide Reverse Lunge creates a really interesting… ‘effect’… that just hurts so good. 🙂

After that, you’ll enjoy  a nice course of “Holy Smokes” abs… topped off with the newest exercise coming out of the Valslide Labs: “The Don’t Slide Sled.”

You must see this.

All you need is your Valkit for Travel. (Or the components it contains… Valslides and Valband.)

As you’ll see in the video, using a new Valband adds a whole new level of OMG to your butt exercises…  so if you’ve been using yours for a while, you might consider grabbing a new one.

The workout was designed to be short, sweet and and workable with very little space…  so it’s perfect for hotel rooms.  But that also means it’s perfect for your living room…

Here’s the workout:

Valband Side-to-Sides – 20 reps
Valband Tick-tocks – 20 reps
Valband Step-backs – 20 reps

Valslide Reverse Lunge w/ reach – 20 reps – Up-tempo
Valslide Side Lunge – 20 reps

Valslide 1-arm Slide – 10 each side
Valslide Buckle-Ups – 10 each side
Valslide Mountain Climbers (alternating tempo) – 10 each side
The Don’t Slide Sled – 10 each side

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